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What You'll Learn

Target Right Prospects

Your virtual summit won't speak to anyone if it speaks to everyone. Learn how to hone your message so it resonates with your ideal prospects.

State Your Positioning

What do you want prospective customers to do after hearing and seeing your message? Position yourself that will inspire them to follow, take action to increase your conversions.

Show The Profitability

Show prospective customers that your company is the right choice by speaking to their pain points and the benefits your solution(s) can offer.

Create Loyal Promoters

Show how your niched virtual summit is the answer to their problems by providing solutions to their pain points on any level with the partnering of other industry professionals, vendors and products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual summit?

A virtual summit is an online conference that can be hosted anywhere; ideally having 10+ key influencers/business owners/entreprenuers. The summit will run over a period of a few days to a few weeks, depending on the amount of guests you showcase in your summit. It can be from one guest a day to multiple guests in a day over a period of time. In this guide, we'll share how professionals in the services industry, small business owners, entrepreneurs, etc. can grow their lists with their ideal prospective followers, increase their fame, by becoming the authority in their industry and increase their funds through various mediums.

I work in a service industry. Will a virtual summit be applicable to my profession?

Absolutely, in this guide, we'll share how professionals in the services industry, small business owners, entrepreneurs, etc. can grow their lists, increase their fame by becoming the authority in their industry through partnering with complimentary industry professionals. Example, your a Realtor who wants to hold their own virtual summit. You can partner with other industry professionals/experts who help you do you be able to do your business.

Does virtual summits really matter?

Yes, if you want to grow your lists of followers, build your fame by becoming to go to authority in your industry and increase your funds through partnership with other professionals and vendors in your professional industry.

How many strategies are there to hosting a virtual summit?

We have currently found that it takes a minimum of seven steps to produce, promote and profit from your own virtual summit. There can be more steps involved if you want to expand your income streams but we cover that in our guide. In this guide, we share the exact strategies and techniques that you will need to create for your own virtual success summit.

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